What would a PURE binary clock REALLY look like?

I was looking through some of my CSS experiments I did a while ago, and I found an experiment I did with binary on CodePen. See the Binary Flower Clock It was a fun little project and thoroughly nerdy, but it probably requires a little bit of explanation. First of all, what can a binary representation […]

Teach your kids binary (Part 1: Logic)

Computers 101. It’s all magic, right? You’ve probably heard that deep down inside, computers are just 1s and 0s. Maybe someone told you that when you write a text or make a phone call everything is coded into this magical digital language of ones and zeros and then those ones and zeros are sent along some cable at the speed of electrons […]

Creating Custom Category Layouts using the Divi theme

Recently, I ran into an issue where I wanted to easily define layouts for a Divi theme for different categories. Note, I don’t use Divi for this blog, but in my day job, we have a lot of Divi-based sites.

For this particular site, I wanted to allow content creators to easily customize layouts for different categories or group of categories using Divi.

WordPress site hacked! How to Identify, search, and destroy malicious code

So recently when doing an update to a client’s site, I noticed some strange at the top of php file. Uh-oh, I’d seen this before and knew what that meant. The site was hacked. Expecting the worst, I logged into my site and started to identify, search, and destroy this code. Since the steps to do […]

What is Base64 Encoding, How Does it Work, and Why Should I Care?

The short answer is that Base64 can be a code obfuscator, a potential a code-envelope, or an digit shrinker. The good news is that although it does involve math, there are plenty of online tools to do all the repetitive boring stuff (what computers are good at). First, let’s looks at what is so magical about 64.